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NFT Certificates on polygon

The onchain record of your acomplishment forever stored on the blockchain.


How it works

  • Take the English For IT course.
  • Set up your Metamask wallet.
  • Get your certificate of completion from English For IT right after you finish the course.
  • Go to My Profile and connect your wallet - the certificate will appear in your profile tab.
  • Share your achievements on Linkedin or Twitter. Let your friends and potential employers seem them.

How we do it

Our certificates are powered by Polygon & IPFS.

  • Polygon is the most popular and second most used blockchain platform after ethereum which makes it trustworthy and secure.
  • We have chosen Polygon for its cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use. That means, we can issue certificates (=mint NFTs) much faster and easier using Polygon than any other blockchain such as Ethereum.
  • Opensea has got support for the polygon chain. We believe in maximum visibility for our certificates!

That’s right, your certificate is technically an NFT. Who said NFTs have to be art jpegs only? There are so many use cases for this technology and we’re excited to showcase how it can be leveraged in education and ed3.

Why use blockchain certificates

We are bullish about web3. We believe in the power of blockchain technology to revolutionize the modern web experience. While the blockchain is still a new concept for a lot of web users, the English For IT team is looking for ways to leverage blockchain technology so that we can deliver more value to our students and enhance learning experience.


Certificates stored on the blockchain can not be forged or transferred. It is a verified proof of your achievement.


Anyone can access the certificate on IPFS or view the NFT information available on the blockchain.


Share your blockchain certificate on Linkedin with potential employers to add even more credibility to your qualifications.

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Anna Gandrabura

Founder & Project Lead



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